Testing EULYNX signalling components has never been easier

Automate command, control, and signaling testing with ease by collaborating digitally between manufacturers and infrastructure managers.


Making success repeatable

Our standardized test catalogues for EULYNX and NeuPro interoperability and conformance testing ensure everyone plays nice.

1. Configuration

Set up your project, system under test and select your test catalogues.

2. Execution

Run your tests against the system under test and monitor progress. Anywhere, anytime.

3. Reporting

Keep an audit trail of test executions, results and overall project status. Link test results with requirements.

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Lighting fast workflow

Reduce manual efforts

Automate everything. Integrate requirements. Auto-select test cases for your system under test. Derive test scenarios from signalling plans. Automate execution. Automate reporting. Generate documentation.

  • Software-in-the-loop
  • Hardware-in-the-loop
  • EULYNX test cases
  • NeuPro test cases
  • Standard interfaces
  • Always up to date
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"The age of broken telephone in railway projects is over".
— Christoph M. - Founder, Systems Lab 21 GmbH

Use Cases

Collaborate with component developers, integrators, testers and validators.

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Faster feedback, earlier

Development of new products is costly and takes time. Extensive documentation and certification processes require thorough verification and validation of safety-relevant equipment. Eliminate project risks through extensive automated testing in complex configurations.

Get started

Cut overhead and improve quality.

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Design, plan, test, implement

. For testers

Integrate requirement specifications and existing test catalogues and get higher certainty on verification tasks.

. For developers

See test results, find defects and fix them reliably. Discuss with testers and auditors on versioned test artifacts.

. For teams

CENELEC roles are necessary to provide impartial, professional verification and validation. But it gets a lot easier when everyone works as a team. We provide the platform.

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