Continuous integration for railway systems

Curated test catalogues and European standards like EULYNX combined in a software-as-a-service test automation solution that adds on to your existing setup.


Integrated workflow designed for product teams and infrastructure managers

Standardized test catalogues will make collaboration across infrastructure managers and suppliers easier. One view on what needs testing, when to test and what the results are. No traveling, no delays. Just standard high performance.

curated and automated test cases out of the box.
Reduced conformity defects.
faster implementation phase.

Key features growing by the day.

If these can't convince you, we are open to working with you on extensions needed for your process.

Test catalogue

Ready-Made Tests

Benefit from a large number of pre-designed and largely automated tests. With the click of a button you can deploy the entire official EULYNX conformity test suite and verify your OCs with as little manual intervention as possible.


No-Headache SaaS

No need to worry about complex tool setup or operations. After first-time integration into your test lab environment, everything else is handled by us. Just log in and test!

Test catalogue

Dynamic Configs

Start with a digital CCS planning document such as EULYNX-Dataprep, ERDM or PlanPro. Derive test needs and auto-configure your system under test to run your suite!

Test catalogue


Take on complex interoperability and system test cases with EULYNX- and NeuPro-compatible simulators for all types of components. SCI-LS, SCI-LX, SCI-P, SCI-ILS, SCI-CC, SMI-...

Test catalogue

Config Management

Things can get messy with many different versions, variants, baselines, releases and standards. Keep track of configs and combinations to reproduce tests for each release.

Test catalogue

Distributed Lab

Lacking space? Missing components? Worry not! Loan resources from other lab locations across the globe. Set up secure networks to test without borders and combine laboratory with field-test environments. Use our open source RaSTA implementation.

Reach goals that matter

Extend your workflow

Our product can be used in different ways. Your setup may omit some steps, but here's the process we follow.

Illustration Step
Start with the basics

Initial setup

Contact us for a quote. If you want to run hardware-in-the-loop tests, our distributed, digital laboratory will be embedded into your local environment via a small piece of software we will deploy and integrate together with you. You may also wish to use our services to integrate special tools and interfaces in your setup to tailor our product to your individual needs. Otherwise, you can start with a pure cloud-based setup for software-in-the-loop tests. Simply set up your account and create a first project.

  • HiL or SiL testing - hybrid cloud/on-premise or fully remote (SiL only)
  • Login with email / password, GitHub account or SSO (SAML/OpenID connect)
  • Custom integrations and individual solutions on request
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Collaboration creates results

Invite project members

Once your organizational account and project are created, you can invite collaborators to your project. Project members may be part of your organization, your customer, your supplier or an auditor. Depending on the role you assign, they may see and do different things in your project.

  • Invite project members across organizational boundaries
  • Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Project-specific authorization
Illustration Step
Prepare testing

Set up your system under test

Infrastructure managers may want to do interoperability or system-tests for new railway lines while manufacturers may start a new product development and need conformity tests. Define your setup consisting of signalling subsystems. Configure simulators, mock interfaces or add your own integrated system. If you have a digital signalling plan, you can speed up the process and just assign each subsystem to your topology.

  • Simple scenarios with a single device under test
  • Interoperability tests between two or more subsystems
  • Highest complexity interlocking topologies with hundreds of elements
  • Ready-made simulators to act as communication counter-part
  • Trace-equivalence with generated code from EULYNX state machines
  • Open source RaSTA stack for secure communication
Illustration Step
Write your own or run ours

Select test catalogues

We provide a standardized interface and data format for test case descriptions. Write your own tests using the standard or use our pre-existing test catalogue with thousands of tests for EULYNX and NeuPro interfaces.

  • Fully automated EULYNX test case catalogue
  • NeuPro test cases, analoguous to EULYNX catalogue
  • Standardized test case format
  • Write and upload your own test catalogues
Illustration Step

Run the test suite

Finally, you can run all selected test catalogues at the push of a button. If you have defined manual steps during the test execution, an interactive prompt will ask you for intervention according to your test protocol. A limited number of faults may be injected into the communication between components. And the best: use git hooks to trigger new runs for a truly continuous integration!

  • Fully automated test execution
  • Semi-automated execution with user-defined intervention steps
  • Test reporting including logs and file attachments
  • Configure git hooks to re-run test pipelines

Ready to create better products?

We are happy to work with you in finding the best possible solution for your project goals.

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