Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is EULYNX Live Lab?

    EULYNX Live Lab is a hybrid cloud-based, software-as-a-service test automation solution for railway command, control and signalling use cases. Specifically, it allows automated testing of EULYNX conformity using an automated and bug-fixed version of the EULYNX test catalogue, a number of EULYNX-compatible simulators (digital interlocking, different object controllers) and a distributed execution environment.

  • What benefits does EULYNX Live Lab offer?

    Today's railway projects struggle with enormous manual overhead, broken telephone processes due to text-based requirements, inconsistent test catalogues and enormous documentation overhead. Especially functional safety requirements introduce high expectations towards the development process. EULYNX Live Lab is contrasting the status quo by offering an additional (!) verification layer which can provide test feedback faster and earlier in the process in a standardized way. This enhances cycle times for development teams and adds a small puzzle piece to our vision of a full continuous delivery process of high-quality and safe railway software.

  • What is EULYNX Live Lab NOT?

    As of today, EULYNX Live Lab is not a comprehensive, qualified test automation tool that can be generically used for all testing needs in a railway infrastructure project. As our ambitions and features grow, we will be looking into providing tool qualification packags and more process improvements and automation throughout the process chain. We encourage you to have a conversation with us on your individual needs.

  • Do you offer a tool qualification package or is the tool already pre-qualified?

    Not yet. Currently, you would need to treat our solution as commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) but we would love to work with you in making a qualification possible for your project. Please contact us.

  • What would I need to do to qualify EULYNX Live Lab as a tool (EN50128)?

    As with most test automation solutions, if used in a safety-relevant (SIL 1-4) use case EULYNX Live Lab would be classified as a T2 tool according to EN50128. This means a verification and validation of the tool in the context of your development process would be necessary, respectively a proof that the software is suitable for your needs. The exact expectations depend on your context and auditors. To make things easier for you, we are considering offering a tool qualification package. Because our approach is to introduce continuous delivery to the entire development process, also the tool qualification would ideally be continuous.

  • What processes, standards and norms do you support?

    Our approach is disruptive and we are part of a discussion among industry partners, research institutions and certification bodies to change the qualification, certification and commissioning process in German railways. Nevertheless, we are well aware (albeit not akkredited/certified) of ISO27001, IEC61508, EN50126, EN50128, EN50129 as well as a number of additional processes and regulations, specifically in the German and European market.

  • Can I try out the product first?

    We are not yet offering a free trial version, but you can contact us for a demo, implementation advice or a quote.

  • How do I know that your software does not mask defects in my project (CENELEC T2 requirement)?

    We offer custom integration support to embed our solution into other, existing test automation software (local test harnesses / benches) or run it in parallel. Depending on the setup, you may use multiple systems as diverse, independent solutions (e.g. 2-out-of-2). Please contact us to evaluate your need.